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Real-Time AIS Data

Real-Time AIS Data

Boost your business with live AIS or raw data feeds. Get access to real time updates of vessel positions data, ship details, port calls and voyage information, arrival times and even more.

Vessel Positions.

Fleet Positions.

Vessels in Custom Area.

Port Calls.

Expected Port Arrivals.

Vessel Particulars.

Vessel Positions

Latest AIS position and voyage data of any vessel or a fleet of vessels.

Fleet Positions

Latest AIS position and voyage data for a fixed fleet of vessels.

Vessels in Custom Area

AIS position and voyage data for all vessels in a specific area of interest.

Port Calls

All ports visited by specific vessel or all vessels that visited specific port.

Expected Port Arrivals

All vessels expected to arrive at a specific port along with their ETA.

Vessel Particulars

Technical information, capacity, ownership and other vessel.