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Bamisu Games International LLC is a software development and monitoring system management software company - AIS established on July 1, 2019, the ship management system association


Today, future and maritime communication systems rely on digital data communication between ships and transceivers on land, in the air (satellite) or at sea. Similar voice communication is not an integral part of future maritime communication system proposals. In recent years the VCS (Voice Communication System) system, which has been reallocated to digital voice communication systems, uses digital voice communications in marine VHF frequency band.

Common use efficiency.

Coexist existing communication systems with future systems.

Increase security for listeners.

Enables the planning of dynamic channels along the coastline and high traffic areas to avoid interference.

Optimization of speech codecs for maritime communication.

Model of bridging communication between a middle ship with two adjacent ships

Transmission range, radio channel characteristics, speech decoder, access diagram, train speed, channel coding and coding techniques and interference with other systems