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Connection Gateway System

Connection Gateway System (Gateway)

The gateway system for VCS is connected through two forms: Radio Gateway and Telephony Gateway. Each Radio Gateway can integrate with 8 conventional Analog Radio channels with IP-based MICS at each VHF shore station. Radio Gateway uses Radio-over-IP technology to allow communication / data exchange between IP and radio networks. It converts analogue voice from radio equipment to digital voice using standard audio codecs, packetizing and sending voice packets through IP transport mechanisms. Radio Gateway accepts standard voice calls through a VCS server allowing access and monitoring of connected radios through the VCS Console.

Radio Gateway connection

Each Telephony Gateway can communicate with up to 4 similar PBX devices or phones with IP-based MICS at the Operations Center. Telephony Gateway adapts VoIP technology to enable voice communication between IP and telephone networks. The Telephony Gateway accepts standard voice calls coming through a VCS server that allows access to phone lines through the VCS Console.

Summary of Telephony Gateway

Currently, with the development of technology & telecommunications infrastructure. The VCS system can also connect directly to suppliers via SIP channel. Make receiving and calling easily as the following diagram:

Service provider