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Architecture and technology


The VCS Console system, created by Softphone software, allows the operator to communicate with communication channels, mobile (GSM) IPhone, Radio (VHF, VHF), including the VCS system.


OP and IPPhone

OP and VHF / UHF



Post Audio Broadcast

Click to Call

Transfer call

Voice record + file compression


VCS unified communications system VCS (Voice Communication System) is the basic core components of the integrated maritime communication system in the operating center. Voice communication with VoIP and RoIP technology for call signals, audio encoding / decoding and radio access control and functions allocated to each user based on access rights Access, convert audio streams and provide each user with real-time exploitation. Centralized management function to allocate radio channels to operators and to monitor the operational status of the system, as well as to authenticate all users of the system. The recording function is received on all access and track channels for all different types of calls from the VCS control panel, containing call metadata…

The NAS system is used to store all system-related information databases such as configuration data, system event logs, voice records and backup data. Controller (Console) and a dedicated KVM suite to manage, operate, and configure the MICS system

The solution is a multi-tier system and is deployed on the basis of service architecture (SOA). The solution is optimized for work on distributed territory, with a large number of users, connected equipment and IT systems from different manufacturers
VCS System (Voice Communication System): The voice communication controller is equipped at the Operation Center to carry out the tasks of supervision, management and operational management. VCS controller includes: Computer with VCS application, display, integrated USB headset with microphone, USB Desktop PTT Switch and speakers. Each VCS Console set is a multi-channel communication terminal designed to equip the operator with the following features:

Support 3 types of calls (radio, phone and intercom).

Frequency system of emergency, safety, search and rescue at sea, purpose for rescue (safety, search, rescue, rescue, ...).