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Voice Communication System.

Integrated Systems for Maritime Traffic Control and Control Room Management. If you want to get started, get in touch with our sales consultants:


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We provide maritime technology and solutions to effectively transform your data into real-world intelligence thereby unlocking operational and cash performance in a safe and secure manner.
Voice communication system products

Monitoring management system and supported vessels VCS.

The VCS connectivity solution brings comprehensive information about the coordinator's Motion radio subscribers to the dispatcher and management who will control all personnel.In the coverage area

Track more details about subscriber movements in the wireless network due to the ability to adjust the level of detail uut of coverage area

AIS products

Real-Time AIS Data

Boost your business with live AIS or raw data feeds. Get access to real time updates of vessel positions data, ship details, port calls and voyage information, arrival times and even more.

Vessel Positions.

Fleet Positions.

Vessels in Custom Area.

Port Calls.

Expected Port Arrivals.

Vessel Particulars.


We offer a complete suite of integrated systems, products, and maritime services to provide a complete end-to-end solution for our customers, with the benefits of our unique in-house design and engineering expertise.

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